June Blackman

June Blackman ran a local pub, the Fountain and lost her eight year old sister, Jean, in the disaster. June was born after the war so she never met her sister, but her mother used to speak about her. June found her sister's school bag which contained biscuit crumbs and a letter of condolence from a teacher. When she was around ten years old, June discovered where Jean was buried, and without telling her mother took a train to visit the grave. She remembers that her mother spent compensation money on a grave stone, and was later criticised for this when she later asked for government help to make ends meet. June discusses the impact of the disaster on her parents, and the importance of remembering and sharing her mother's grief.

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June Blackman


Dvora Lieberman, Philip Sunshine

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26 September 2013


Bethnal Green

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Born April 1946.  Two part interview.   This is Part 1 created by NS


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Father died when she was six weeks old


Mum three jobs rose at 4am, cleaning in offices, get children up for school, factory in BG road, making aluminium kettles, come home make meals for children.

Biscuit packing 6pm-10pm