Progress so Far

The Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust has worked tirelessly for ten years to build the memorial. The final section is now in place - the teak stairway, the exact dimensions of the stairway on which the disaster happened, suspended above the memorial with 173 light conicals representing each life lost that will allow sunlight to shine down from the stairway roof. The 173 conicals lit from aboveThe 173 conicals lit from above

The memorial is dedicated not only to the people who lost their lives that day in March 1943, but also to the survivors, many of whom lost friends and family in the disaster. In addition, the Trust wishes to acknowledge the emergency services and all those who helped out; the firemen, policeman, ambulance, wardens, clergy and hospital staff who cared for the injured and those who had lost their loved ones. 

The finished memorial was officially opened in December, 2018 and a memorial service is conducted on the nearest Sunday to the anniversary of the disaster at the nearby Church of St John at Bethnal Green.

The memorial is now open and free to visit. It is situated next to an entrance of Bethnal Green Underground Station, on the corner of Roman Road and Cambridge Heath Road.

To mark the 75th anniversary, images of many of the victims will be projected on to the memorial after dark until Friday 9th March, 2018. The memorial audio trail is available to download to phones or mp3 players year round. Players are also free to borrow from the library nearby (please note there are some temporary periods of library closure in 2018 due to refurbishment).

The memorial at night with anniversary projectionThe memorial at night with anniversary projection

The audio trail plaque at the memorial siteThe audio trail plaque at the memorial site